Replace your paper based employee evaluation program with the newest online employee appraisal system!

Appraisal Smart™ offers an innovative, cutting-edge approach to administering online Employee Performance Reviews, It provides you with the tools to make this critical Human Resource function run more efficiently and effectively then ever before. Managers and employees love it for its ease of use and the timely employee reviews it generates.

It not only automates the employee evaluation process - it elevates it to a powerful employee recognition, productivity and behavior modification tool, effectively driving change, employee productivity increases, development of core competencies, and bottom line results

The Appraisal Smart™ solution is not just an electronic document management tool - it is an online interactive Employee Performance Management Support System, for companies as small as 20 or as many as thousands, priced affordably to save you thousands of dollars.

You can be up and running on Appraisal Smart is just minutes without the need for formal training, attending seminars, or IT involvement. No software to install. State of the art security..

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Some of its features/benefits include:

  • Simplifies and automates the employee evaluation process, eliminates paperwork, and significantly reduces employee appraisal time and stress.
  • Designed to reduce Line Manager reluctance and fear to do employee Performance reviews.
  • Significantly reduce the subjective nature of employee appraisals - leading to constructive and productive Employee Appraisal Interviews.
  • Line Managers and non-managerial employees can access the system from any Internet-linked PC in the world, using their own unique User ID and Password.
  • Also accommodates appraisals of those employees who do not have access to a PC.
  • Easy monitoring of the status of employee evaluations.
  • Transfer employee names and key information, electronically, from HRIS system
  • Includes an Employee Performance Improvement Plan with earmarked Employee Training
  • The ability to enter employee Performance Evidence Notes at any time during the course of a performance period - for use during appraisals.
  • Accommodates any Employee Performance Appraisal Model that your organization may currently use, or will provide you with a model should you not have one.
  • Can be operated on your own Corporate Intranet or over the Internet as a secure, hosted ASP application (128-bit secure SSL Encryption).
  • Accommodates any kind of Performance Measure such as Goals/Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and Competencies.
  • Has a Competency Library containing many Generic Competencies for click-download into Performance Agreements (you can also add your own Competencies to this Library).
  • Organizations can create a Centralized Appraisal Template Database (for all Job Titles/Roles in the organization).
  • Automatically calculates an overall employee Performance Percentage for each employee. This functionality can (optionally) be used directly for calculating performance-based salary increases, incentives and bonuses, in a fair and transparent way.
  • Powerful reporting that can pinpoint your top and bottom performers per Job Title, Unit, Location, or entire organization. This is done according to their overall performance percentages, and even per individual Performance Measure (e.g. Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, etc.). This is hugely beneficial in identifying employees for targeted training and development and ensure training dollars are spent where it is needed most.
  • Detailed records of all previous appraisals are stored in a click-accessible "lifetime" archiving system.
  • Linkage/interfacing with any HRIS / HRMS System is possible (however, having a Human Resources Information System is not a prerequisite).
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We offer a free online demonstration of Appraisal Smart to anywhere in the world and a 7-day free trial, without any obligation whatsoever.

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