The Profile XT™


The ProfileXT is a versatile, “Total Person” assessment used for employee selection, development, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. The assessment measures how well an individual fits a specific job in your organization. Employing an exclusive “job matching” methodology, the Profile XT allows you to more effectively evaluate an individual, relative to the traits needed to successfully perform in a particular job. The ProfileXT can be used as a screening tool to find the best matched, internal or external, candidate. It helps you interview and select people who have the highest probability of being successful for the position you are looking to fill.

The assessment also provides practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance.

How does the Profile XT assessment work?

Before you start assessing the candidates we work with you to develop a peak performance model, for the position being filled. This model will be used to execute the job matching function. The candidates are sent to the internet from an email invitation and they take the Profile XT online. Our Profiles Assessment Center immediately scores the assessment and emails the hiring manager the reports requested.


  • 20 Performance Indicators
  • Thinking and Reasoning
  • Behavioral Traits
  • Interests

Types and Uses of Reports

There are numerous reports available from the Profile XT assessment. Some of the key reports are listed below. Contact us if you would like to see the entire selection.

Performance Model Analysis
A key tool for the hiring manager to look at job fit. Download Sample Report

Interview Guide Challenge Areas
This provides the hiring manager suggested interview questions based on how the candidate completed the test. Download Sample Report

Summary Graph
A one page snap shot of the findings of the assessment and level of job fit. Download Sample Report

Candidate Matching
A summary of results for all candidates tested for the position. Download Sample Report

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Technical Specs

  • Solves these challenges: Deciding Who to Promote, Hiring Employees with Low Productivity, High Employee Turnover, Ineffective Training, Poor Communication, Organizational Identity Confusion, Interdepartmental Conflict, Profitability Issues, Employee and Management Development, Succession Planning.
  • Used For: Placement, Promotion Fit, Succession Planning, Coaching, and Self Improvement
  • Measures: Thinking and Reasoning, Occupational Interests, Behavioral Traits and 20 performance indicators.
  • Areas Measured: Learning Index, Verbal Skill, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Numeric Reasoning, Energy Level, Assertiveness, Sociability, Manageability, Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence, Objective Judgment, Enterprising, Financial, People Service, Creative, Technical, Mechanical.
  • Time to Take: less than 60 minutes
  • Administration: Online or Pencil / Paper
  • Report Types: 8 Different Reports
  • Results Turnaround: Immediately
You will need Adobe Reader to download sample reports. Click on the icon to  download Adobe Reader.  
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